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Controlling AccuTerm 2k2 Close
This explains how to set AccuTerm 2K2 to:
  • Disallow a session to close without disconnecting from the host(s)
  • Disallow AccuTerm to close without ALL sessions being disconnected from the host
  • Close AccuTerm automatically ONCE ALL sessions are disconnected from the host(s)
First, download custexit.atsc and save in your Atwin directory. This is the script that we are going to tell AccuTerm to run if someone clicks on the session X or the AccuTerm X.

Now, click on Tools -- Customize Menu the Menu Designer appears

Notice that Application is clicked. Then click Continue

Expand Menu, then File -- Close

Make sure Action has:
 [Chain "custexit.atsc|CustomClose"]
Now click on File -- Exit

Make sure Action has:
 [Chain "custexit.atsc|CustomExit"]

Click on OK and the Menu Designer will close.

Now, click on Tools -- Settings and view tab 1 General

If you'd like AccuTerm to close once ALL sessions are closed, click on the check box that indicates: Close AccuTerm after last session is closed.

Now, view tab 2 Connection

If you'd like AccuTerm to close once the session is disconnected, click on the check box that indicates: Close session on disconnect.

Note: Understand this means disconnected NOT at Login Please. Some multivalue platforms merely log the connection OFF and do NOT disconnect. For example, mvBASE has a AUTO-LOGOFF port (D, meaning automatically logoff the port upon disconnect. If your mvBASE has ports 3 thru 10, your coldstart routine should:


Then to logoff, you would DISCONNECT port instead of OFF. This DISCONNECT command disconnects from the telnet server and the auto logoff actually logs off the port.

Make sure to save your AccuTerm configuration BEFORE closing AccuTerm 2K2