2705 Justin Matthews Dr
N Little Rock, AR 72116


  Education 1974 - 1976 University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, AR
Graduated with BSBA with a Major in Accounting
1972 - 1974 Phillips County Community College at Helena, AR
Graduated with Associates Degree
1969 - 1972 Central High School at Helena, AR
High School Diploma
  1983 - Present
Computerized Data Mgmt, Inc.
North Little Rock, AR
Independent Contractor
  • Over 43 years of multivalue experience with a BSBA degree and major in accounting.
  • Contract programming for clients in areas of HTML through PicLan-IP (Coyote Web Server), Rocket Software mvBASE, Mentor PRO, D3, AP/PRO, and LadyBridge openQM.
  • Dynamic real time ecommerce online store with RPC (remote procedure calls) back to Rocket Software mvBASE, D3 and realtime with LadyBridge open QM.
  • Conversion of Rocket Software D3, mvBASE legacy applications to LadyBridge openQM.
  • Converting character based systems and applications to browser based presentations.
  • Browser-based, stateless, `cookie less' online textbook buyback system - LadyBridge openQM/Linux.
    • certified to work in IE11, Safari for Windows, Google Chrome, FireFox, iPhone and Android)
    • has agent and admin browser based apps
    • handles over 6 reference databases with over 760,000 titles
    • downloadable reports in .csv (comma-separated value)
    • can handle hundreds of simultaneously users and unlimited entities
  • Years of experience in Rocket Software mvBASE, D3 and LadyBridge openQM database to .csv (comma-separated value) reports
  • Barcode printer (DataMax) applications
  • Areas dealing with retail inventory, online credit card, electronic file(s) transfer, order entry, accounting, web site design with interactive business applications, etc.
  • Programming using Windows specialty software such as AccuSoft AccuTerm interfacing PICK / Multivalue to Windows.
  1990 Jan to 07/31/2011
Lieberman's Books - Downingtown, PA
Independent Contractor
  • Customization of book software - Budgetext COMTEXT
  • College textbook student reservation system integrated - Budgetext COMTEXT
  • Customization of retail / POS software - Budgetext SELLMATE
  • Standalone and cloud based textbook buyback on LadyBridge openQM/USB for Windows and LadyBridge openQM/Linux
  • Rocket Software mvBASE interface to INDABA online book sellers
  • Web enabled legacy applications - Rocket Software mvBASE, D3 and LadyBridge openQM/Linux
  • RPC (remote procedure calls) APIs for real time query and update of associated retail stores with warehouse inventory
  1983 to 1997
Budgetext - Fayetteville, AR
MIS Director
  • Designed and engineered computer software for the college wholesale textbook industry.
  • Procured hardware systems for in-house needs which encompassed four servers with over 100 terminals and personal computers.
  • Integrated the Rocket Software mvBase software to a Meridian phone system and a Xerox high speed replication system.
    Software systems included: office automation, fax servers, purchase / receiving, complete inventory management of over 120,000 titles, electronic and paper 'buying' guides, order entry, picking and packing processes, returns processing, historical and archive processing, accounting, time clock, electronic transmission and reception of orders, quotes and sales, PC network integration
  • Engineered and designed computer software for the college retail bookstore industry.
  • Demonstrated, sold, installed, and trained employees of the college retail bookstore industry. (Included travel to all states, answering Response for Proposals, working with bookstore and DP managers and designing and constructing system layouts with environmental requirements.)
  • Procured hardware systems for retail customers, which entailed three to 144 user environments. Register equipment for point-of-sale including laser scanners, magnetic stripe readers, display bars, and multiple printer options, barcode ticketing printers, modems, terminals, personal computers, cabling and network environments.
    Software systems included: college textbook operations with course, student, and professor data, title lookup from multiple vendor databases, electronic and paper 'auto/manual' ordering, receiving, returns, barcode ticketing, wholesale sales, student buyback with online real-time inventory management. General book module includes all of the above without course information, wholesale sales, and buyback functions. General merchandise management with 'auto/manual' ordering, receiving, returns, barcode ticketing. The three inventory systems are integrated with point-of-sale (POS) and a complete accounting and financial reporting system. POS included an integrated customer database, credit and debit card processing, financial aid, charge capabilities and more. An optional POS controller package allowed 'multiple' controllers with complete POS functionality. The host would automatically update these controllers with all required inventory items and customer information. Optional packages generated and accepted 'DOS' / 'Unix' data to be uploaded or downloaded from 'alternate' systems such as the college administration or bookstore vendors.

Trained and managed up to 18 employees with three divisions - sales, support and technical.
These systems were then integrated to a dynamic online ecommerce web store.
  1978 - 1983
Dan Downing Accounting and Computer Time Share - Springdale, AR
Public Accountant and Director of Computer Time Share
  • Joined the firm as an accountant to analyze and keep accounting records for multiple customers. Mr. Downing was a tax consultant after spending 10 plus years with the IRS. I was in charge of keeping our clients monthly books and payroll up to date.
  • With the purchase of a Microdata Reality multi-user operating system, we pursued and expanded our business to include a computer time sharing operation. I learned to program and by 1980 , I was in charge of its operation. We had customers with various businesses and needs. I hired programmers and sales people to handle the needs of our customers.
  1977 - 1978
Tunica County Hospital - Tunica, MS
Administrative Accounting
  • In charge of admissions, insurance filing and collection, financial statements and payroll.